Automotive/Motorcycle Expert.

Road/Sea/Air Transportation/Logistics Specialist.
New Technologies and Market Research.

Business Analysis and Development.


Building productive Relationships.

Adding value to Networks; Go-Giver.

Bachelor of Computing Systems (2016);
Networks design, administration and security. Informatics, Digital Forensics, Steganography.
Help Desk, Human Computer Interaction, Databases. IT Applications in Organisations.
Project Management. Risk Assessment.


Business Rejuvenation

and Improvement

"Curious Tomek": Seeking Opportunities

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Tomek Ziolkowski (BCS, 2016)

Milton 4064
Brisbane, Queensland

New Technologies, Business Pain Solutions. Business Analysis and Development, Sales and Change-Management.
Extensive Human Relations skills, gained through a broad variety of positions, globally.

Building productive Relationships. Adding value and positive experiences to Networks, by giving first.
Highly entrepreneurial, through setting up and operating own business ventures in Europe, West Coast Africa, Australia and New Zealand
Management experience gained in the Logistics, Civil Engineering, Facilities/Stock/Yard control, supervising and leading teams of up to ten staff, following strict procedures, in hazardous, 24/7 environments
Extensive skills dealing with customer’ inquiries/complaints, communications.
Proven experience with a range of vehicles and heavy-machinery, transport/logistics and yard/facilities/stock management
Organised, focused, reliable and disciplined, with strong time-scheduling and administration abilities; utilising responsible, ethical and Continuous Improvement Management techniques.
Inquisitive nature with excellent attention to detail; not afraid to ask questions.
Well-developed business acumen, with focus on analysis, revenue seeking, cost-reduction, compliance.
Strong project planning, problem solving and risk management skills, gained through many years of experience.
Fluent communicator; confident with working in multicultural, Team, as well as autonomous environments.
Independent Thinker, Listener and Learner.
Professional equipment-operator/driver, with millions of hours/kilometers around the Globe.

Passionate motorcyclist. Hayabusa Pilot.

Stock control, facilities/equipment/fleet and yard management.
Logistics for equipment allocations.
Heavy transport, truck/trailer-crane-hire.
Indivisible, pilot-assisted loads, including lifting, transporting, installing, ballasting, jacking of industrial equipment and civil-construction/drainage elements.
Overweight/oversize loads permit applications.
Client liaison; quoting, supply and remedy service.


Bachelor of Computing Systems: Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, NZ       April 2016                                                       

IT Study Exchange at Roskilde University, Denmark:                                                       June 2013 – Jan 2014
Planned, organised, controlled, made decisions, problem-solved, lead all aspects of relocating to live in Denmark for seven months, on a University-study exchange programme, to Roskilde/near Copenhagen.

Collaborated with Government Departments, Real Estate agents regarding the logistics and the accommodation, Utility Service providers, Banks, primary-schools/Day Care Centres, etc. in Denmark, prior to arrival and Teams of 4-6 students, in daily practical activities, while attending four Master-level courses:

Human Computer Interaction,

Advanced HCI,

IT Applications in Organisations,

Robot Programming Architectures.

Certificate in Business Management:                                                                                                                   1982 - 1983

NZ Institute of Management / Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland:

Labour Relations, Marketing, Human Resources Development, Resource Management,
Principles of Organisation, and Introductory Accounting


QLD Drivers Licence Classes:

MC, R (current)                                         
Controlled Substance Licence, Environmental Protection Authority                                                                     2011
Hazardous Substances, New Organisms Handler Certificate                                                                                      2011
Rigging / Load Handling Seminar                                                  2005
National Forklift Training Certificate                                                                  2002
B+C Cranes: Operator’ Certificate, Ports of Auckland                                           2001

Safety for Confined Space Works Certificate                                               1997
Dangerous Goods Transport Licence NZ                                                                                                                     1996
Motor Vehicle Sales Licence NZ and WA                                                         1984, 1985


Institute of IT Professionals NZ -
Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark (FED) Talent Network -
Unitec Enterprise Challenge 2014 -
Outward Bound Trust NZ -
Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (NZ) -
TT2000 Long Distance Motorcycle Rally (2011) -
Rusty Nuts Motorcycle Club -
God Squad Motorcycle Club -
Pro Rider Motorcycle Training -
Automobile Association NZ -
Australian Automobile Association -

Australian Volunteer Coastguard -


Unitec Enterprise Challenge Programme ‘2014 – Department of Management and Marketing (“Igniting and developing the entrepreneurial spirit and achievement”)

( challenge)                                                   

IT study-exchange programme to Roskilde University, Denmark                                                          2013 – 2014

Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark. Autumn Semester 2013-2014; talent network, bridging the gap between companies, the academic world and entrepreneurs. A joint initiative of student organizations from numerous top universities in Denmark with focus on entrepreneurship, to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit among students and to facilitate the evolvement of new ideas that help to solidify innovation and entrepreneurship in society


Lifestyle research visiting: Bornholm Island/DK. and Reykjavik/Iceland                                                 2013 / 2014



Outward Bound School Masters-Classic, Anakiwa, Marlborough, NZ                                                       May 2006


Completed a full Marathon ‘2001 and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge ‘2010



Rode on several NZ long-distance motorcycle tours; both in groups and solo                                         2003-2015

Managing Change


Theory into practice
Statutory Compliance


Highly entrepreneurial, through setting up and operating own businesses ventures in Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Self-motivated to action
(Eg. leaving home-land early in life) and self-controlling major undertakings, such as: emigrating to another country/continent.
Planning, processing information and activating resolutions undertaken with objectivity and goal-setting.

Solving issues in most difficult of situations (eg. when becoming a political refugee in the overcrowded refugee camps near Vienna in 1981-82, or when trading with the indigenous of West Africa in 1976,

managing fear at Outward Bound NZ in May’2006,

leading/managing study-exchange from Unitec to Denmark in 2013-2014, etc.)

 Efficient Change-Management in the above predicaments, as well as at the Ports of Auckland, with the greatly evolving employment conditions, influenced by political and global changes over the last decade, embracing change, the new locations, cultures and political/economical climates.

 Safety, Resource, Team/Client-centric approach (Ports job, global driving experience, motorsport, parenting of five sons and two daughters).

 Supervising and leading teams in hazardous, stressful and volatile environments, following strict guidelines and meeting/exceeding KPIs/production/sales targets.

Communicating progress, problems, issues with staff, management, peers, motivating and encouraging morale in a responsible and ethical management style (Ports job, as a parent of seven, over the last four decades)

 Practical implementation of best practice, building better self/people, better communities, better world, by reaching full potential, achieving through challenging situations (Ports job, Outward Bound, international study exchange, etc.)


“Dyplom Morski” (Ocean Diploma): equatorial ocean crossing

 Polski Enterprises Western Australia and New Zealand

(Own un-registered business, sole-trader in Perth

and Auckland 1983-1998, overlapping some employment).

Black and White Taxis, Perth

(Co-op of owner-drivers


 Dewatering Services Limited

(Whangaparoa: store/yard/truck-crane hire 1995-98)

Ports of Auckland

1998-2012: Maritime Union of NZ letter of reference

 Outward Bound NZ Certificate

 Justice of Peace Mr. Michael Bancroft’ letter of personal reference

 Unitec tutor Mr. Chris Manford’ letter of reference

Roskilde University tutor Mr. Magnus Hansen (Ph.D.)
letter of reference

Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark Certificate ‘2014

 Company Director of

A Marlborough Consulting and Contracting Limited (NZ)

Company Director of Auckland Boutique Tours Limited (NZ).



1. Discipline

2. Intellection

3. Input

4. Deliberative

5. Focuss



Business Pain Solutions

Gratitude. Mindfulness.

Problems into opportunities.


Manning Street
Milton, 4064
Brisbane, QLD

Connecting People

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